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漂浮時的穿著? What do I need to wear while floating?


  Our facility is equipped with your own personal room, therefore any clothing or swim suit is not required.

浮力貝殼內是否有足夠空氣? Do I have to worry about running out of air?


  Absolutely not, there is a built-in air circulation system in the tank; running out of air is not an issue.

兩個人可以同時在一個箱內漂浮嗎? Can two people float together in the tank?


  Not recommended. Since floatation therapy is designed for deepest relaxation, another person in the floatation environment could interfere with each other. However, floating Space has more than 1 shell to serve our customers at the same time.

鹽水對皮膚和頭髮會有什麼樣的影響? Will the salt in the chamber damage my hair or skin?


  Floating Space use only "FOOD GRADE" Magnesium sulfate,it contains many beneficial minerals, it is perfect for skin usage. Due to the osmosis, soaking in our float shell for long period of time will not even result a wrinkle, it would only remove excessive water from your body. Magnesium sulfate(Epsom salt) is also used in facial mask、body clean purpose、hair strengthen/loss treatments. Just simply rinse the salt from your body after the session and enjoy the rest of the day!

漂浮之前可以吃點東西嗎? Is it ok to eat before floating?


  Of course you can! However we don't recommend going into shell right after the meal (especially big one) and either we don't recommended floating while hungry. Keep in mind floatation is about comfort and relaxation.

漂浮的時間? The Float session time


  A float session usually lasts for 60 minutes, some individuals do prefer longer. Please keep in mind the floatation benefits are accumulatable. The more you float and the better it gets! The frequency of floatation is a personal choice, generally once a week is recommended to keep your mind and body in perfect state. However the more you float, the faster, easier and deeper you are able to reach the goal of perfect relaxation.

漂浮箱是否有特定的使用方式? The correct use of the float shell?


  Simply find the position that makes you feel comfortable and it is the correct use. It is your choice to have the shell lid open or closed, the lights on or in total darkness, and the music on or off. Some would like to place their arms at sides, some like on the chest, or behind head like a pillow, or even sit up. We can also provide an inflatable neck pillow on demand. After all, this is private relaxation session, you are the boss in your own floatation space.

漂浮事前注意事項? Reminder before floatation!


1. Shaving before floatation(2~3hours) is not recommended since the newly shaved area is more sensitive and irritation might occurs while soak in salt solution.
2. Users who wear contact lenses. In order to prevent eyes irritation, taking lenses off is recommended.
3. We strongly not recommended drinking caffeinated beverages before go into the shell, for those beverages may affect one's ability to relax.

鎂鹽好處 Benefits of Epsom salt




  Epsom salt, also know as magnesium sulphate, is a combination of magnesium, surfer and oxygen (MgSO4). The most important mineral of these is Magnesium, which is one of the essential mineral we need. Magnesium is the component of bones and teeth, and it affects many of the functions of human body including metabolism, nucleic acid and protein synthesis. Magnesium is the so-called "GATEKEEPER" to cell activity. The benefits of epsom salt are shown below:

1.promotes heart and vascular health, which helps in the prevention of heart disease.
2.help to maintain normal muscle and nerve function.
3.magnesium and calcium can help to settle the nerves, ease emotions, and resist depression.
4.promote teeth and bone health.
5.prevent the buildup of calcium deposits in the tissue and blood vessel walls, which helps to prevent kidney and gallstones.

  Epsom salt could also provide our body sulphate which can be easily absorbed through the skin. Sulphates have a highly diuretic effect, it speeds up the metabolism and detoxification. Sulphates also promotes digestion, reinforce brain tissue、joint proteins 、 mucin, and prevents headache.

誰該補充鎂? Who needs magnesium?



1.Individuals who consume alcohol beverages often.
2.In our modern diets the magnesium content is generally low, and most foods we eat do not provide sufficient amount of magnesium we need.
3.Magnesium is especially important to women, studies have shown that taking some magnesium supplement before menstruation can help to relieve the symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as: swelling, mood swings and pain. Also women who use birth control or who are taking estrogen need to absorb more magnesium.
4.Post menopausal women are particularly vulnerable to magnesium deficiency, which can lead to improper blood coagulation and lead to heart disease and stroke.
5.Low levels of magnesium can be also be dangerous to pregnant women, possible premature birth or sepsis. magnesium also helps to convert enzymes, helping the body absorb vitamin B1, B2 and B3 preventing seizures that can result from the lack of B vitamins.
6.Magnesium can also help to burn fat and produce energy, which is equally important for both men and women. An individual always feel fatigue and consisting weight gain can be signs of a magnesium deficiency.
  Floating in rich Epsom salt bath is the easiest and safest way to obtain magnesium. Welcome to the Floating Space, achieve healthy and happy life style with us.